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Edward D. Nowell

President, South Atlantic Capital Management Group, Inc.

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Financial Planning
Jan 18, 2023

Investment Boutique Premium

In the debate between active and passive management, which has intensified in recent years, the outperformance of Independent Investment Boutiques has been overlooked.  Investment Boutiques are defined as firms that have less than $2 billio

Financial Planning
Dec 8, 2022

All Weather Investing

 While downside protection may be a top concern for many stock investors, that’s probably not enough. What many investors want is downside protection while also participating in up markets—an “all weather” portfolio. Shifting to very conservativ

Financial Planning
Nov 4, 2022

How to Invest with the Threat of a Recession

 Is a recession on the horizon? Recessions are a natural and inevitable part of the business cycle, and one may certainly be on the horizon.  However, keep in mind that since 1920 there have been 17 recessions which, over the last 70 y