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Financial Planning
Jun 29, 2022

How Independent Agents Deliver a Better Insurance

Sponsored Content provided by Adrienne Moore - CEO, James E Moore Insurance Agency, Inc.

John F. Kennedy said, “There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” In my role as CEO of my family’s insurance business, James E. Moore Insurance Agency Inc., I implement a program of action because doing so allows our agency to exceed the expectations of our customers and make a positive difference in their lives. Understanding that insurance is a complex industry, my team and I simplify the jargon and coverage options while identifying competitive premiums for our clients.


Most people do not want to think about their insurance until something awful happens or a disaster strikes. Likewise, shopping for insurance, comparing coverage levels and premiums is something most people would prefer to avoid. As a third-generation leader of a business that has been around since 1954, I am fortunate our clients trust us with their insurance needs. The result is a stronger relationship with our clients and a more positive experience for everyone involved.


Reputation matters and the chance to be a valuable, trusted resource for my clients and friends is a responsibility I take extremely seriously. This has motivated me to constantly advance my knowledge of the industry, to work on making it more understandable by writing articles such as this one, and to check in with my clients periodically to ensure their policy still aligns with their needs.


Anyone can shop online for a policy but there is a steep learning curve, and the choices can be complex. Working with an independent insurance agent—someone who does this on a daily basis— helps to illuminate the coverage options and nuances, thereby ensuring the home or business is adequately protected. My team and I research ever y available option and work to eliminate the uncertainty for our clients, so they can rest easy in the knowledge they have the best possible coverage in place.


To connect with someone who will work to understand your insurance needs, please give us a call!



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